Each Subcontractor working on C.R. Leonard Construction projects are contractually obligated to comply with all Federal, State and Local safety requirements, C.R. Leonard Safety and Health program, Site Specific Safety Programs, and Owners Safety Requirements. These combined safety requirements constitute the minimum level of performance expected from each employer and his employees. The subcontractor shall adopt a safety and health program for the performance of their work designed to promote its orderly and expeditious progress and to insure its safe completion within the prescribed time.


a.The Subcontractor shall designate a competent person, qualified to implement and enforce the site safety program. The name, and qualifications of that person shall be submitted in writing to the C.R. Leonard Superintendent. It must be demonstrated that , by training and experience, the person is qualified. The Subcontractor is required to maintain this position and the designated person until the end of the project. Where the nature or size of the contract warrants, C.R. Leonard may require the subcontractor to employ a full-time qualified Safety Representative.

b.The competent person must be familiar with the work site safety rules and regulations and must be equipped and authorized to act as their "COMPETENT PERSON" as defined by OSHA including the authority to correct hazardous conditions and stop work. C.R. Leonard will be notified immediately of any changes in personnel which will effect a change in the competent person.

c.The competent person must be on site whenever the subcontractor has employees working on site.

d.The Subcontractor shall not relinquish or defer responsibility for project safety to his own or tier subcontractor employees at any time under any circumstances.


a.Each subcontractor shall maintain accurate accident and injury reports in accordance with OSHA record keeping requirements and shall furnish to C.R. Leonard a summary of injuries and man-hours expended monthly.

b.In the event of an accident or injury to a Subcontractor's employee, the Subcontractor shall immediately notify C.R. Leonard of the incident and copies of all first reports of loss, accident investigations, photos, etc., shall be forwarded within twenty-four (24) hours to the C.R. Leonard Superintendent. If the facts are not immediately available, notify the Superintendent.

c.Each subcontractor must submit to the Project Superintendent a Daily Report indicating:


a.Due to the complexity of the total number of subcontractors, OSHA and state safety agencies have experienced difficulty in determining responsibility for violations which are found during an inspection. Therefore, they can and often do cite each subcontractor who knowingly or unknowingly allows his employees to be exposed to hazards created by other subcontractors working on-site. The Act provides for increasingly severe citations for repeated and willful violations. The potential liability is almost unlimited. Compliance with governmental safety requirements is mandatory...non-compliance will not be tolerated. Violation of OSHA regulations following a warning is cause for disciplinary action.

b.If OSHA does choose to inspect the project, they will have access as permitted by law.

c.If, after an inspection, any Subcontractor receives an OSHA Citation, a copy of the citation will be immediately delivered to the C.R. Leonard Superintendent.


a.Before work is started, all Subcontractors will submit to the Project Safety Coordinator a copy of their complete Hazard Communications Program. This will include:

b.They will notify all their employees that Hazard Communications Programs and copies of all MSDS are available during normal working hours at the Project Office.

c.They will notify the Site Safety Coordinator when Hazardous Materials will be used (potentially toxic substances, two part epoxy coatings, dry-fall paints, floor sealants, etc.) And what methods will be used to protect not only their employees but those of other contractors.

d.When use of respirators is required, proof of appropriate fit testing and training will be submitted upon request to C.R. Leonard, by the employer.


a.Subcontractor's supervisors will assure performance that is in compliance with the contractual safety obligations, if substandard performance warrants, they shall be removed from the project.

b.Subcontractor's employees who fail to comply with the Safety requirements will not be permitted to remain on site.

c.Subcontractor's employees who fail to comply with the Safety requirements will not be permitted to remain on site.


a.C.R. Leonard will monitor the safety performance of the Subcontractors. When violations of legally constituted safety requirements, Project safety procedures, or the Owner's safety regulations are observed, the responsible contractor shall be informed orally, if possible and if warranted followed up with a Notice of Non-Compliance prepared for signature by the Project Superintendent.

b.If the violation is of a nature that the Project Superintendent of the Safety Coordinator deems it necessary, work being performed by the violating contractor may be stopped until the contractor corrects any and all violations. Any costs incurred by the stoppage of work due to Safety and Health violations will be the sole responsibility of the violating contractor.

c.Each violation observed should be identified and include a brief description of the violation and the approximate location.

d.The Subcontractor shall be given a reasonable amount of time to correct the conditions contained in the Notice. The time period allowed shall reflect the severity of the violations and the urgency to abate.

e.If the contractor fails to correct the condition within the "Reasonable amount of time" specified, a meeting will be scheduled with the Subcontractors Superintendent, C.R. Leonard's Safety Director or his representative. This meeting should conclude in a documented agreement outlining the subcontractors intended corrective actions.

f.The following violations will be grounds for immediate discharge of Subcontractor personnel:

Violation of OSHA regulations following a warning is cause for disciplinary action to include dismissal.


a.If the subcontractor fails to correct the unsafe condition, C.R. Leonard may take a number of actions including but not limited to:


In the event that a Subcontractor has been particularly difficult on safety issues, the Project Superintendent will prepare an objective report documenting the problems encountered. This will form a historical record which will be available for future reference. The report will be reviewed and approved by the C.R. Leonard Management team prior to being submitted to the Vice President.


a.Each subcontractor shall be responsible for clean up during and after installation of his materials and shall leave area broom clean.

b.Each employee, before he/she starts work on the site is to be trained in the hazards of their work.

c.Each new employee, before he/she starts work, is to be oriented by his/her supervisor on the safety and health requirements established for the work task(s) to be performed. Tool-box safety meetings are not an acceptable substitute for new employee's orientation.

d.Supervisors will attend weekly coordination meetings at which safety on the site will be discussed.

e.Subcontractors shall participate in periodic safety inspections conducted by members of C.R. Leonard's Safety Department.

f.Schedule weekly "tool-box" safety sessions to be held by the job foreman for all employees. A record shall be kept of these meetings. The Project Superintendent shall be advised of the time and location of the scheduled meetings. A roster of attendees at these meetings and a description of the topic discussed shall be forwarded weekly to the Project Superintendent.

g.Take immediate action to correct unsafe practices and unsafe conditions.

h.Report to the Project Superintendent any observed conditions or violations of job safety regardless of whether they are within the observer's power or responsibility to correct.

i.Assure that supervisory employees at all levels have a good working knowledge of applicable safety and health standards as they pertain to their areas of supervisory control and encourage all supervisory personnel and employees to improve their accident prevention awareness.

j.Assure that when required or appropriate, trained first aid personnel are available and certified for their work.

k.A representative of the Subcontractor must be on the site when any work is performed by a lower tier contractor, even if work is being performed by the contractor's direct work forces. This representative shall be responsible for maintaining communication with C.R. Leonard Site Safety Coordinator, assuring all safety rules are observed. The Subcontractor shall limit access of individuals to the construction site.

m.The subcontractor will assist and cooperate with C.R. Leonard in investigating any major accident or incident and shall immediately investigate and produce results of the investigation of any accident wherein injury occurs, or that results in damage to property.


a.Prior to the start of, and during the course of, any work above or below ground level. The Contractor shall make a thorough survey of the entire work site to determine the type and locations of all utilities on the work site, The Subcontractor must verify this information with C.R. Leonard by notifying the Project Superintendent, and shall coordinate construction work in the vicinity of these utilities with the appropriate utility owner.

b.The Subcontractor shall make employees aware of any precautions and procedures to be followed while working in the proximity of any utility.

c.The Subcontractor will be required to investigate any and all contingencies where cutting off a utility could adversely affect any operation or render inoperative any protective apparatus in the surrounding area and submit a written procedure for protection or rerouting of critical systems. This plan shall be turned in to the Superintendent prior to work being performed.


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