The enclosed information represents only a portion of the C.R. Leonard Safety and Health program. It most directly addresses our expectations for Contractors and Subcontractors performing work on C.R. Leonard Projects. This document assigns responsibility to every person involved in the project, from the superintendent, to foremen, and tradesmen working in the field, Through the concentrated effort of all parties, we can have a safe and successful project. Remembering that standard set by OSHA are minimal, C.R. Leonard has implemented a Program and Standards that, at all times will exceed the level of performance expected by OSHA. Any reference to requirements that C.R. Leonard employees are to follow obligates all Contractors, Subcontractors and their employees. A copy of the complete Safety and Health Program is available for review at the offices of C.R. Leonard Plumbing & Heating offices. Please read the contents of this manual carefully and follow the rules and procedures to help keep C.R. Leonard's Projects a safe place to work.


Applicability of Policy

Entry onto Company property or job sites constitutes a recognition of obligation of a subcontractor or invitee to apply this policy or a substantially similar policy to their subcontractors, agents, representatives and employees.


If a subcontractor or invitee is not enforcing this policy or a substantially similar policy, he/she will not be allowed on Company property or job sites. Any resulting damage (including damage for delay) will be paid for by the subcontractor or invitee.